Custom made Instrumentals

Need a Beat made from Scratch?


1. Fill out the form below and describe what type of custom made beats you need and any links to your 

2. When we agree on a collab/project you are required to make non-refundable deposit of 50% 
via paypal to start your project. you will be sent a invoice and once your order is received 
we will start working on your project immediately.

3. Please allow 2-3 days for your project to be completed and sent back to you. 
You will be granted 2 revisions with a $30.00 fee. After each revision you will have 
7 days to request the next. If you are not satisfied you can terminate the contract without
 a refund of the initial deposit.

4. Once your beat is finished you will need to pay the remaining balance due to receive your files
 which includes: mp3,wav,and track out files via email. All production credits are to Ra808 Beatz.

RIGHTS: 1. Unlimited commercial usage
        2. Unlimited profit and non profit broadcasting and performance
        4. Artist & Producer 50/50 split(Negotiable)
        5. Non-refundable fee 
        6. Will receive a MP3 and WAV file with track- outs
  • How Much for a custom beat?

Custom instrumentals start at $100 and up depending on the genre and the whole project.

If you’re interested, please send a inquiry about your project and give a brief description of what you’re looking for

Order your custom made track 

2.fill OUT THE FORM BELOW to describe what you want it to sound like