Custom made Instrumentals

Need a Beat made from Scratch?


1. Fill out the form below and describe what type of custom made beats you need and any links to your 

2. When we agree on a collab/project you are required to make non-refundable deposit of 50% 
via paypal to start your project. you will be sent a invoice and once your order is received 
we will start working on your project immediately.

3. Please allow 2-3 days for your project to be completed and sent back to you. 
You will be granted 2 revisions with a $30.00 fee. After each revision you will have 
7 days to request the next. If you are not satisfied you can terminate the contract without
 a refund of the initial deposit.

4. Once your beat is finished you will need to pay the remaining balance due to receive your files
 which includes: mp3,wav,and track out files via email. All production credits are to Ra808 Beatz.

RIGHTS: 1. Unlimited commercial usage
        2. Unlimited profit and non profit broadcasting and performance
        4. Artist & Producer 50/50 split(Negotiable)
        5. Non-refundable fee 
        6. Will receive a MP3 and WAV file with track- outs

CLICK AND FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW to order your custom tracks!
  1. Genre OR Style
  2.  Ideas For Custom(s)
  3. Link To Your Music (if applicable)
  4. Budget

Upload Your Lyrical Performance if y need a beat made around a them.
(Acappellas or song recorded to another beat)